60-70s SEARS mohair 75% cardigan

60s MAPLE cotton swing top(フロッキープリント)

60s Mc GREGOR shirt

70s Hilton L/s bowling shirt(チェーン刺繍)

dead stock Leonard da Vinci ''last supper'' Rag(174cm × 116cm)

70s CARTERS denim vest

60s Wilson Light jacket

50s Light wool shirt

50s denim ranch pants

60s shaggy mohair cardigan

40s- military U.S.NAVY sailor man cotton jacket(ステンシル入り)

-50s wool smoking gown

70s TOWN CRAFT quilting jacket(内側 サーマル)

50s - baseball pants

70s Excelled leather riders jacket

-70s Tony Lama elephant leather Western Boots(ゾウ革 9B)

50s - zip up sweat parka(セパポケ 2tone)

70s cowichin(curling)

70s William Barry down vest(スウェードヨーク)

40s PENDLETON wool shirt

60-70s mohair mix sweater

-70s Light jacket(刺繍)

60s PENDLETON check wool shirt(オンブレ)

50s sports wear corduroy jacket(2tone)

70s anorak jacket

-60s corduroy jacket(チェーン刺繍)

60s hunting vest

50s PENDLETON check wool shirt

40s penny's PAY DAY denim cover alls

50s Rayon gabardine gown

50s- ''SEAWANEE'' corduroy shirt

-70s Pullover nylon anorak(TALON)

50s- hunting jacket(マスタードカラー)

50s ''CAPTAIN'' First champion sweat

50s U.S.NAVY sweat

60s healthknit sweat

50s - sweat

70s- THE NORTH FACE mountain parka( Sサイズ)

70s Lee denim pants(刺繍)

70s - Elaine Daniels mountain parka(Sサイズ)

60s- HANES quilting × thermal W face

Japan antique apron(藍染)

60s flannel gown

70s- THE NORTH FACE down vest(XS)

70s champion baseball T-shirt

50s Allen cotton thermal

70s Columbia fishing vest

50s Rayon gabardine shirt(クラッシュ)

70s Levi's jog top

60s wrangler denim shirt

70s- Carters hickory pants

60s sweat parka

60s- swing top

-70s swing top

-70s swing top

-70s Richman swing top

-70s swing top

-70s swing top

-70s nylon swing top

70s sweat(フロッキープリント)

70s sweat

-60s hunting vest