50s King Louie Rayon Bowling Shirt(navy.チェーン刺繍×フロッキー)

50s Rayon Bowling Shirt(チェーン刺繍)

60s Bowling Shirt(Black.チェーン刺繍×ワッペン)

70s WESTWOOD SUZUKI Biker T-Shirt(染み込みプリント)

81y The Rolling Stones Tour T-Shirt ''North American Tour 1981''

70-80s Biker T-Shirt(Deadstock)

80s LIVE AID Festival T-Shirt

86y MONKEES 20th Anniversary Tour T-Shirt(染み込みプリント)

84y PLASMATICK Tour T-Shirt

89y POISON Live T-Shirt

70s Champion T-Shirt(染み込みプリント)

70s Champion T-Shirt(染み込みプリント)

70s Champion Football T-Shirt(染み込みプリント.タタキタグ)

70s SCORDIONS Band T-Shirt

70s THE CARS Band T-Shirt

86y Judas priest Tour T-Shirt

60s- ROYAL HAWAIIAN Rayon Hawaiian Shirt(小判ボタン)

70s Rayon Hawaiian Shirt

60s Slacks Shorts(TALON zip)

70s Military France NAVY Marine Border T-Shirt

30-40s Linen Long Shirt(マチ付き)

20s Havy Linen Fabric

20s Linen Fabric